WhatsApp added commercial messaging function

The future of business messaging

Messenger WhatsApp will add a new feature for business. Companies will now be able to send messages to their customers, but some of them will be paid.

WhatsApp has offered several solutions at once for interacting with consumers. First of all, for communication, the client will be able to send his contact number, to which the necessary information will be sent through the messenger. Another option provides for the possibility of quick communication using a special button on the company’s website or in its advertising. The customer will also be able to contact support. Some of the solutions will provide the ability to support in real time.

WhatsApp representatives explain that for business, some of the messages will be paid, but organizations will independently decide which of the new services to use. At the same time, the messenger promises that the innovation will help get rid of the clutter of chats..

WhatsApp added commercial messaging function

The YouTube team also continues to improve the project. The updated web player will automatically adapt to the aspect ratio of the video, monitor and browser window size. 

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: NurPhoto / Getty images / The amed post

WhatsApp added commercial messaging function

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