US Army will start using AR headset in combat operations

Tactical Augmented Reality

Microsoft has signed an agreement to supply 100,000 prototype HoloLens augmented reality devices that soldiers will use during combat operations. Military models will differ from civilian models, and include many new features.

In the tender, the military indicated that they need a system that will allow soldiers to increase combat effectiveness, make it easier to detect objects and help make decisions faster than the enemy. The cost of the contract is $ 480 million. The document circulated among the bidders indicates that in addition to the augmented reality technology, the US Department of Defense wants to see night vision functions in the headset, a thermal imager, sensors of vital signs of the body, such as breathing and «readiness», condition monitoring and hearing protection.

At the moment, several armies of the world use AR-headsets for training soldiers, but no one has used them before during combat. In the next two years, Microsoft must provide the military with 2,500 samples of the device, and if they meet the stated requirements, it will receive confirmation for the delivery of the bulk of the order. Competitors of one of the largest technology corporations were 25 companies, including Lockheed Martin and Booz Allen Hamilton Holding.

US Army will start using AR headset in combat operations

Microsoft previously dropped a multibillion-dollar contract, citing employees  do not want to participate in projects intended for military needs. However, this month the decision was revised. Representatives of the corporation said that about 50 thousand HoloLens have now been sold, which is only half of the expected supply volume for the army, which will become the largest consumer of the product..

Another innovation of the US military could be a missile transport system that delivers cargo to any place on Earth within 30 minutes..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: hdwallpaperpics

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