Samsung Galaxy S10 gets a storage for cryptographic keys

Galaxy S10 offers crypto key storage

In a new press release, Samsung has officially confirmed that the Galaxy S10 smartphone will integrate Knox security and hardware to store private cryptographic keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services..

The flagship was unveiled on February 20 in Seoul, San Francisco and London. Although on the eve of the release, there were rumors about possible support for crypto wallets and decentralized applications, but none of the ones shown in the photo from «leaks» products are not mentioned in the company’s official statement. The S10 also features an upgraded AI shooting system, will be able to charge other phones wirelessly, and the base model has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage..

Although the South Korean giant is not the first to boast a device that supports cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. Last year HTC introduced Exodus and Sirin Labs released Finney. However, Samsung is the largest manufacturer and significantly outperforms the competition, so it will allow blockchain-based products to gain widespread adoption..

Samsung Galaxy S10 gets a storage for cryptographic keys

Samsung also unveiled other new additions, including a robotic arm that will aid in cooking in the kitchen..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Shutterstock

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