Rostec will help to remotely obtain a passport

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Rostec presented a unique software and hardware complex «CryptoBioCabin», with which you can register your own biometric data to automatically obtain a passport.

Concern development «Automation» takes pictures on his own, checks documents, conducts biometric scanning, draws up an application and notifies about the timing of issuing a passport. All received information is encoded and sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for processing. After verification, the data is transferred to Goznak, where a new document is prepared. Arriving at the cryptobiocabin at a predetermined date, you will need to confirm your identity using your fingerprint, after which the chip will automatically issue a passport.

Rostec will help to remotely obtain a passport

Now in Russia, about 2.2 million biometric passports are issued every year. Rostec representatives claim that the innovation will significantly simplify the registration procedure and shorten the time it takes to receive the document. The comprehensive solution will not only provide high-quality service, but will also expand the scope of the device in the future..

Recall that Russian banks began to collect biometric data.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Noizz

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