NERA fully 3D printed motorcycle introduced

NERA – World-First Fully 3D Printed e-Motorcycle

BigRep presented the first electronic motorcycle NERA, the main structural elements of which were created using 3D printing.

The prototype was designed by the NOWlab consulting agency. NERA’s tires, frame, forks, seat rims, and other basic elements (excluding electronics) were 3D printed. The model includes a cross-section of several of the company’s innovative solutions. Developers create airless tires,  one-piece design with integrated sensors, diamond-shaped rim and flexible bumper that replaces the usual suspension.

During the design process, engineers revisited the classic motorcycle structure to adapt it to 3D printing and take advantage of the new manufacturing technology. NERA is equipped with an electric motor located inside the housing.

NERA fully 3D printed motorcycle introduced

According to BigRep management, these innovative prototypes demonstrate the huge potential of large format 3D printing in mechanical engineering. They foster engineering creativity and transform manufacturing processes.

Harley-Davidson also keeps up with current trends and unveils its first electric bike.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: 3dprintingmedia

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