Investors prefer Ethereum

Ethereum OVER Bitcoin! Mark Cuban Explains Why Ethereum is the BEST INVESTMENT in Cryptocurrency

In the Foley survey & Lardner LLP revealed that Ethereum leads in terms of investment attractiveness, and Bitcoin is best suited for making payments.

Foley International Law Firm & Lardner LLP conducted a survey among executives and professionals. Most of the respondents are investors, managers, lawyers and traders.

During conversations, 38% of respondents said that Ethereum has the best investment opportunities among all virtual currencies, and Bitcoin received 35% of the votes, the indicators of other coins are much lower. This opinion is most likely due to the fact that 43% of respondents believe that MTC is better suited for paying for goods and services for the ETH — 17%, XRP — 10%, and anonymous Monero and Zcash gave only 2% of votes.

Ethereum attracts investors by the fact that its mining consumes less electricity, the platform offers smart contracts, its own programming language and the ability to create stand-alone decentralized applications based on it. 54% of respondents believe that over time, Bitcoin will lose its leading position in the market, and, according to 19% of respondents, this will happen in the next two years. 35% consider it possible in principle, and only 11% disagree.

Investors prefer Ethereum

58% of all respondents, despite the potential risks, are ready to invest in cryptocurrency, and among investors and traders this figure reaches 89%. As for the creation of their own virtual currencies by central banks, 58% of people would not want this, for — 25%, and the rest found it difficult to answer. 72% of respondents hope to launch crypto ETFs, but some fear a drop in value after reaching significant popularity in the financial industry.

71% consider the possibility of hacking and theft of funds as the main risk, and 84% expect the sphere to be regulated at the state level. In addition, 86% expect the crypto community to set norms for self-regulation as well..

Recall that the four most attractive cryptocurrencies for investing in 2018 have been named.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Getty images

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