Fernando Alonso will receive protection from the Kodak blockchain

F1 Champ Alonso Adopts KodakCoin Platform for Image Protection

Twice champion «Formula 1» Fernando Alonso agreed to accept the offer from the Kodak team. With her with the help of the athlete will be able to fully control the circulation of photographic and video materials with his image, ever reaching the Internet.

The new blockchain system was designed specifically to provide the ability to store and track materials, controlling the use cases without copyright. Additionally, through the platform, the athlete's fans will be able to receive rewards for registering and publishing the created materials (on which Fernando is present).

Fernando himself, when asked about making a decision on participation in the project, noted the following: «We live in a world where everything revolves around the distribution of various kinds of content, especially when we are talking about such big events as F1 and WEC. I am very happy that thanks to this opportunity, my fans and many professional photographers will have a chance to extract some profit from their creativity. The system will also allow effective protection of all materials created by them».

Fernando Alonso will receive protection from the Kodak blockchain

In the future, Alonso's experience can be adopted by other popular personalities. Such cooperation opens up for Kodak an opportunity to demonstrate in practice the real power of your new project in matters of content control on the network.

Earlier, we wrote that Kodak shares rose sharply after the company announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency..

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Shutterstock

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