Delhi proposes to build 100-meter air purification towers

New Delhi gets its first smog tower

Dubai-based architecture firm Znera Space has proposed to solve the problem of air pollution in the Indian capital of Delhi with 100-meter futuristic filter towers.

Overcrowded and industrialized, Delhi now has the worst air quality indicators in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Contamination is 40 times the safe level. The situation is further aggravated by the burning of agricultural crops in neighboring areas. Therefore, Znera Space proposed The Smog Project, which involves the construction of a network of towers throughout the city that remove tiny pollutants from the air..

The system consists of two parts. The first is the towers themselves, with propellers creating thrust near the surface and filters for cleaning. The second part of – solar-powered fuel cells. They are air bridges in the form of hexagonal cells that connect the towers.  Their main function is to capture contaminated water with its subsequent decomposition into oxygen and hydrogen, which is then sent to the towers. Energy for electrolysis comes from solar panels.

Delhi proposes to build 100-meter air purification towers

The developers say that each futuristic skyscraper will be able to filter more than 3.2 million cubic meters of air every day, reducing the level of pollution to normal levels over an area of ​​1 square kilometer around the block. In this case, the trapped carbon particles can be further processed into concrete, graphene, fertilizers or ink. So far, the model is conceptual in nature, but the company claims that the first prototype will be ready in the next 2-3 years..

Another innovative cleaning method has been proposed by Australian researchers. They have created a nanofilter that is capable of removing heavy metals and oily substances from water 100 times faster than other existing technologies..

text: Sid Nietzsche, photo: Znera Space

Delhi proposes to build 100-meter air purification towers

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