Cryptocurrency began to be used to fight slavery

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Founder of the movement «Alternative» Oleg Melnikov in his interview talked about how they want to defeat slavery with the help of cryptocurrency.

In an interview online edition «Snob.» Melnikov noted that now all over the world, slave labor is used to create many goods. Therefore, he proposed to the representatives of the OSCE and the EU Council to introduce a system of accessible compulsory certification of goods, which would confirm that slave labor was not used in the production process. In his opinion, this can be most efficiently organized with the help of cryptocurrency..

«Alternative» has developed special stickers that will confirm that the product was produced without the use of slave force. For certification, companies will pay a dollar for each employee. Decentralized platform will provide transparent control of the movement of funds.

Cryptocurrency began to be used to fight slavery

For this, 40 million tokens were issued, one for each person now in slavery. All certified companies will send virtual currency to the movement, and then they will use it to save people and create new jobs for them.

The NANO cryptocurrency community also decided to help those in need and began to save Venezuelans from hunger.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Elena Rostunova / Shutterstock 

Cryptocurrency began to be used to fight slavery

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