Change the world and make it beautiful. What’s new with blockchain startups

TOP 5 Blockchain Startups.

Find out what opportunities a person of the future, whose world is completely built on technology, will have from our little fantastic, but built on existing projects material.

Early morning. The sun’s rays timidly make their way through the mist-shrouded leaves of the trees, notifying the world of the coming of a new day. In the meantime, having received a signal from a multifunctional bracelet (fixed on a person’s hand) about the optimal wake-up time, the coffee maker begins to brew an aromatic drink. System «smart House» independently adjusts the level of lighting in the room to wake you up as delicately as possible.

Everyday life

When awakening has come and the pulse has entered a normal rhythm for wakefulness, all the necessary household appliances, having received a signal, begin to prepare for use. Health data is read in order to analyze the current situation, forming suggestions for correcting the diet, in the likeness of Clinicoin. Kitchen appliances will compile a list of products required for restocking upon request. Data transmission and delivery by drones is automatic. This technology is provided by the Dorado project together with IOTA..

The car, the purpose of which is to bring the owner to work, automatically adjusts the settings, according to the received data on the state of the weather through iOlite, and the Parkgene app allows you to solve the ubiquitous parking problem in advance. At the same time, all information is effectively protected from all cyber threats, following the example of the LevelNet project, which creates a complete database of all available protection methods. Communication of technology is almost free thanks to the distribution technologies of WI-FI WeToken.

In the meantime, coffee and breakfast are ready. There is no doubt about the naturalness of the products, since most of them were grown at home, similar to the technologies of the AgroTechFarm project. At the same time, the whole house is powered from energy obtained in an environmentally friendly way, following the example of the standards preached by EcoToken..

Thanks to the interaction of devices, every step becomes a consequence of data analysis, which form optimal decisions on the use of energy, resources and time. The combination of technical solutions significantly increases the quality of life, creating conditions for maximum safety.

An example of the usefulness of the interaction of technical devices: health data are recorded by a fitness bracelet and transmitted for further analysis to the application. Suppose a person has been given a certain diagnosis related to disorders of the cardiovascular system, which he reflected in his data. During sleep, the system detects a violation of the heart. According to the prescribed recommendations, when critical indicators are reached, the warning system for the attending physician is triggered. If the doctor deems it necessary, a request for an ambulance call is created. Timely response, created on the basis of the interaction of systems, allows you to prevent serious problems by stopping a dangerous situation for a person. On the guard of health, wherever our hero is, projects like MediChain will stand.

Maxim Tarasenko, Managing Partner and Investment Director at GT Blockchain Investments, shared his opinion on how blockchain will change the world of the future:
— Blockchain — a fundamental tool for moving to Web 3.0 — «the internet of values». Thanks to the identification of the person and the device, it will be able to store all information about the rights to own property: from real estate to likes on social networks. All these values ​​can be bought and sold by interacting with 7 billion inhabitants of the Earth, as the blockchain will erase the boundaries for the exchange of values ​​at the global level. All this is already very close, five or seven years from us.

Work and study

Having decided on the area of ​​interest, VR learning opportunities come to the aid of a person, following the example of the Altair VR project. The knowledge gained in a game format allows you to quickly gain an expert understanding of issues. Investing in the early stages of a project allows you to forget about financial problems with reliance on dividends, like GreenX, which focused on improving the environment.

«Using the example of the online money transfer service TransferGo, I can say that potential cooperation and the introduction of blockchain technologies will allow us to revolutionize the money transfer market and become the industry leaders. With the help of the blockchain, it will be possible to send money without leaving home, as now, only the recipient will see the amount on his account almost a second per second», — says the representative of TransferGo Mikhail Hovsepyan.


Meanwhile, having received unlimited financial opportunities, a person opens up the world of travel. Using a common database of tourism and recommendations from local residents, like Cool Cousin, our hero from the future decides on his own, with an emphasis on reliable information, where to start exploring the world. Currency Conversion Problems Will Be Solved Through Projects Like EBCoin.

Personal life

Change the world and make it beautiful. What's new with blockchain startups

Remember the series «Black mirror» Hang the DJ, where the main characters were able to find the love of their lives using an application that modulates the future of people based on their psychological portrait? Now this opportunity has also become a reality thanks to the work of projects like DateCoin and Matchpool..

To understand the possibilities of blockchain in the future, we learned the opinion of FxPro financial analyst Alexander Kuptsikevich:
— The future has already arrived, traditional sectors of the economy are massively introducing blockchain, regardless of their attitude to the by-product of the technology. — cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is often referred to as the new phase of the industrial revolution. The main point of blockchain is that users accept it. You don’t need to get used to or learn to it.

It’s just that your life at some point changes for the better, and nothing is required of you: an international interbank transaction does not take two days, but only a minute or less, the loan and approval are not issued for five days, and in a day, the work of officials becomes transparent, unchanging and public, the logistics of goods around the world becomes more efficient, and the product for the end user becomes cheaper, and a notarial transaction excludes the fact of fraud. All these are the prospects for the very near future, almost all of the listed items are now either in the testing phase or at the stage of actual implementation. The opportunities are huge, now the question is about implementation in each specific country.

General changes

If we consider the life of a person of the future, which takes place surrounded by blockchain projects, we can note a number of changes that make it possible to feel striking differences from a world that is not aimed at decentralization. The highlights include the following:

  • Eliminating intermediation can reduce the cost of goods and services.
  • There is no corruption in this world — everything, from elections to the distribution of budget funds, takes place in the public domain, thanks to which each user can be convinced of the effectiveness of the economy.
  • Against the background of the effective interaction of blockchain-based systems, the problems of healthcare, agriculture, and so on are resolved. The economy is thriving with many opportunities for people.

And this is only a small part of the changes in the world, where everything works exclusively for the benefit of humanity..

The future is great

The world built on blockchain allows us to erase a huge number of problems from the face of the Earth, creating conditions for human life to be a real holiday, and not an attempt to survive.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: stills from films «Knight in armor», «Oblivion», «Prometheus» / Kinopoisk   

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