Botnets switched to mining

CloudBots: Harvesting Crypto Coins Like a Botnet Farmer

According to research «Kaspersky Labs», Botnets are increasingly used to distribute malware designed to mine cryptocurrencies.

According to company analysts, the reason for the decrease in the number of DDoS attacks in recent years became «reprofiling» botnets. The largest number of attacks was recorded in the spring of 2018, but after the summer recession, the numbers began to rise again in September. The purpose of such cyber attacks is to infect a device in order to use its computing power to secretly extract virtual currency for a hacker. According to experts, they only partially load the processor and video card, so they can work for a long time without attracting the attention of the owners..

The study showed that the level of legislative regulation of the cryptoindustry has practically no effect on the spread of hidden mining. Most of the attacks were recorded on the territory of Kazakhstan. Russian users are also quite vulnerable, and the country ranks fifth, behind Ukraine, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The main factor in the dissemination of analysts is the installation of unlicensed software. Other reasons include ad installers, USB drives and exploitation of vulnerabilities such as EternalBlue.

Botnets switched to mining

IN «Kaspersky Labs» note that cybercriminals are actively investing in the development of new hidden mining technologies, and are gradually replacing ransomware Trojans. Statistics also show that the activity of hackers is directly affected by the cost of cryptocurrencies, decreasing during periods of falling prices..

RACIB recently announced that it will begin to investigate cryptocrimes and help victims of fraudsters..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: prometheus

Botnets switched to mining

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