Airbus unveils a concept aircraft with feathers

Airbus Reveals New Concept Aircraft

French aerospace giant Airbus has developed a new Bird of Prey concept aircraft that allows reduce consumption fuel by 30-50%.

In addition to the bronze paint and a few propellers, the unusual model has unusual wing-to-fuselage connections and a tail shape, complemented by individually controlled nibs. According to the developers, these innovative elements provide active flight control.

The theoretical design, presented at the Royal International Air Tattoo, is a hybrid electric turboprop aircraft for regional air travel. However, the company has no plans to produce this concept as it is designed to motivate the next generation of engineers to apply advanced composite structures, active control systems and hybrid traction technologies..

Airbus unveils a concept aircraft with feathers

Using technological solutions that are currently under development, Bird of Prey could use up to 50% less fuel than existing aircraft. Airbus said that one of the priorities for the aircraft industry now is to improve environmental and economic performance, which they plan to achieve through biomimicry..

We also recently reported on a new stealth technology that capable of blind any military radars.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Airbus, video: YouTube / Phil.TV

Airbus unveils a concept aircraft with feathers

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