92% of Kinetik sports car parts are 3D printed

3D Printing Our First Car Parts!

The Bulgarian company Kinetik Automotive presented a sports electric car, almost all the details of which made with a 3D printer.

The model, named Kinetik 07, has 480 kW of power, 800 Nm of torque and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds. The team plans to improve acceleration by another 10% in the coming months..

Since 92% of sports car systems are manufactured by the company itself, each copy can be unique and take into account the preferences of the customer. The management has not yet disclosed information on the cost and timing of production, but it is known that the first series will consist of seven cars..

Kinetik 07 uses a universal platform that allows you to design models of different types on its basis, therefore, in the future, it is planned to expand the range.

92% of Kinetik sports car parts are 3D printed

According to the company's engineers, the high additivity of the electric vehicle is due to reduction of technical complexity, since some of the controls are responsible for the software.

We also previously reported that the Israeli company REE has developed a fully modular vehicle suspension in which the engine, transmission, steering, suspension and many other systems are located in the wheel compartment..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Kinetik Automotive

92% of Kinetik sports car parts are 3D printed

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